Was brought on by a local entrepreneur to help bring to life his snack start-up, producing fitness-focused products.  Along with Creative Director Brandon Herbel, we went through the journey of naming the company all the way to designing the packaging for the first line of VIRCHEW beef jerky.

Living a life of excellence doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intentionality,
courage, and boldness. By virtue of hard work and dedication, you strive for
excellence in every aspect of your life. Now, it’s time to make excellent snacking
choices too. But finding wholesome, quality snacks can be tough. That’s why we
created Virchew Beef Jerky: a flavorful, wholesome, and portable meat snack.
Whether it’s during a mundane workday or after an intense workout, Virchew
Beef Jerky is the quick and easy snack guaranteed to make your
snacking purposeful, not regretful.
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