Todd Zack Jr. Back Story....

“At first I thought he was a rapper, but then we heard his voice!”

We all have talented friends doing cool things.  From traveling, music, artists, etc.  I see them shared all the time.  What I think is missing is the backstory.  Why this friend?  Why should I listen to this particular friend? Those are my questions I ask myself before checking out something new from my timeline.

Well I am glad you asked.  Totally random meeting my guy, Todd Zack Jr.

While hanging out in the Startup Mansion in Omaha.  We had a mutual friend Gilly (@gillythecreative), and I was there helping plan our local sneaker event that year.  I will admit I was hesitant to listen upon learning Todd did music, while also active duty in the Air Force.  I assumed he was a rapper and kind of brushed it off.

Long story short, as I got to know him a little bit, we instantly connected.  I felt like I had known this dude for more than a couple of weeks at that time.  So I finally dove into his music, my mouth dropped to the floor.  Really didn't believe it was him but sure enough, the homie was super talented.  I was a fan.  Not only because I knew him, but the fact I really feel his sound was different and it reflected in his music.  Plus he had a genuine passion for Neo-Soul/R&B music which is where my first introduction to music came from.  

From there we started building.  From a crazy house party in the hills (OMA), to curating an artist showcase at THE BAY featuring top local musicians we were fans of, to the journey with him performing his first SXSW showcase, sleepless nights in Vegas (well I fell asleep in the club and they kicked us out LOL).  Even got to be his DJ for a performance.  But needless to say that this is the homie.  He is uber-talented.  His sound is infectious.  The vibe is crazy. And he just released his new project called “Evoking Emotions”.

Would love for you all to take a listen and I am sure you will too become a fan of Todd Zack Jr.


"EVOKING EMOTIONS EP" Available on Streaming Platforms. Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

“Todd Zack Jr. introduces himself as a true crooner in a time where vulnerability often tends to be frowned upon. Evoking Emotions is his raw offering to the world, taking you on a sonic trip while incorporating innovative elements within the R&B/Neo-soul genres.”

                                                                                -Trev, CEO of Strictly Organic Records