Finding Wonderlust...

We all have ideas.  We all have dreams. Rarely do we have people that actually listen and support our ideas.  I have been blessed to have the best of both worlds.  Friends are friends, but when you find someone that is a friend that also will listen and help you achieve your ideas and goals, they should be treated more like family.

Meet my brother from another Brandon Herbel, also known as AllWorkNoSleep and his Wonderlust Design Studio.  Brandon is hands down one of the top designers in the country and lives right here in Omaha.  I had the opportunity to visit his home base as he reached a huge milestone.  It has been 10 years since he decided to follow his heart and pursue his passions as a full-time designer.  Brandon told me the story about a former boss of his that told him if he were to leave his current role that he would never make it in the industry.  It was a turning point for Brandon as he bet on himself, taking a leap of faith venturing out on his own.  Since then this self-taught creative pioneer has worked with some of the biggest artists and companies in the world.  From the likes of Nike, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Fortune 500s and numerous local businesses. Some of his work has also graced Hollywood’s elite, Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart.  Needless to say, his believe in himself paid off!

I love to highlight people that have supported me and my ideas . Brandon is the epitome of what WKND LDRS stands for.  Finding what it is that you are passionate about and doing more of it.  Resisting all barriers they may prevent you from reaching those dreams along the way.

There are usually 3 main steps when you look at thinking more entrepreneurially: 

  • The Mindset: Saying I want or need a change

  • The Why: Finding what it is that truly motivates us

  • The Roadmap: Curating a game plan and then executing.

WKND LDRS is about helping motivated individuals do more of what they want.  Helping them to think deeper so they get more out of life. Take the road less traveled.  Find what matters and do more of it.  


Build what matters