Road To Crossfit Regionals

Travis Stoetzel and TEAM CROSSFIT OMAHA

Had the opportunity to document a couple of training sessions  of my buddy and coach Travis Stoetzel, as he was apart of Crossfit Omaha as they prepared for the 2017 Crossfit Central Regionals in the team division held in Nashville, TN.

The sport of Crossfit continues to grow in popularity across the world, with now multiple teen and Masters divisions.  More and more I hear the question, “You do Crossfit!?”  LOL well sort of….

It was cool to get a glimpse into some of the top athletes in the region.  Not to mention one of those top athletes is 8x Crossfit Games Competitor  and 2015 Top Ten Finisher, Stacie Tovar.


 She was preparing for her last Crossfit podium run for the crown of “World’s Fittest Woman”.  Pretty cool and I was kind of in awe the whole time. She was super nice and even more focused during her training sessions.